Mission & Vision

We are happy to introduce our agency with completely different approach in terms of sales for real estate in Dalmatia, compared with any other agency. Each and every one of our employees represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and acutely aware of potential to grow. Our team has 6 architects, 2 construction engineers and a lawyer, which is in itself a guarantee of quality full service and complete confidence in the process of buying real estate. Most of the properties that we offer on the real estate market are finished buildings and apartments where our office was engaged in construction as designers, or later, as inspections during construction. Who can give you more accurate information about the site than the architect who designed the facility and monitored the construction and quality of the property itself!?

When buying apartments, we can give you a realistic and accurate assessment of the status and quality of the apartment or house you want to buy. We are specialized in buying a land plots with building permit. Through a thicket of regulations that govern the area of construction and obtaining building permits, we as architects, with direct lawyer’s assistance, are in fact the only professionals that can accurately and safely provide information on whether land plot is suitable for construction purposes. We can provide, in agreement with our sellers, complete legal security in terms of land acquisition and obtaining a building permit, using protected account (escrow account-a), in case of selling land. We offer you the option of paying the land, and design services after obtaining building

Why you should choose us?

When buying a property, we can offer you absolute confidence. Security and trust of our clients and the responsibility we have is the only model of our business in total. In objecting and designing facilities, our company is on the market since 2002.
Ozana Šustić, arhitect.